White Plus Red Equals Chic

Angelina Jolie pictured above right, from the 1/30/12 issue of People magazine

Borrow the look from Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Golden Globes. She wore a column of champagne-colored satin accented with a sliver of red near her face, and accessorizing her look with a red clutch, red lipstick, and perfect posture. Her look was pure drama and sheer perfection.


Or look for inspiration from this ad featuring Anne Hathaway for Tod’s, and wear head-to-toe white accessorized with red. Combine a red bag with a red scarf, belt or shoes, or any of those accessories plus some noticeably red-accented jewelry or bright red lips or nails.

Three uses of the accent color is ideal under classic design theory; two is fine. Be sure to wear more than one pop of red, however, so that the viewer’s eye takes in your whole look and doesn’t just land and linger on one spot.

Personality & the Color Red

Bright red is getting plenty of notice in the fashion press these days, not only as a symbol of February’s Heart Health Month, but also as Valentine’s Day approaches.

Even if you look great in the color, if you’re a gentle spirit by nature, you may well find that bright red doesn’t suit you. It’s too attention-getting for an introvert who doesn’t enjoy the limelight. It’s also a very strong and sometimes off-putting hue for someone who wants to appear friendly and approachable.

Go with your instincts. Wear the colors that suit your personality and the hues that feel right to you, whether in a particular situation, or all the time. Those colors provide clues to your authentic self.

Oh No! Seeing Red

I cringe when I read an article, such as that in the February 2012 issue of Redbook entitled “Why you’ll be happy to get scarlet fever,” which makes the following statement:

“Studies prove: Red looks good on everyone. (Okay, we made the studies up. But it’s true!) No matter what your skin tone, you’ll positively glow.”

Does red look good on everyone?  Absolutely not. As an image consultant, I assess the best shade of red for each of my clients. For many women, their best red is actually coral or pink or burgundy. If you’ve never warmed to bright red, you may instinctively sense that that bright hue does you no favors. Bright red may actually make you look tired and washed out.

Redbook adds: “Men see you in red and the reasoning part of their brain blinks out. All they can think is, She’s so SEXY. And hey, nobody’s ever written a song about a lady in orange. . .”

I’m not sure where Redbook is finding these men, but my honey and other guy friends tell me that they “cannot stand” bright red on a woman. There are no absolutes, especially when trying to figure out personal preferences. Don’t fall for the hype.