Surprising Celebrity Tips from the Red Carpet

In the midst of awards season, the February 2013 issue of Ladies’ Home Journal includes a feature entitled “What Does It Take To Look This Good?:  Makeup artist Stefanie Syat and Stylist May Alice Stephenson divulge the stars’ red-carpet secrets.”

Among their observations:

Some actresses use illegal eye-whitening drops (available only in Asia) to make the whites of their eyes brighter.

Women with dark hair sometimes get their arms waxed before the red carpet event.

Spray-on body makeup is the new trend, replacing spray tans. The makeup looks more natural and hides flaws.

A star typically tries on 25 to 40 dresses before making a selection.

And my favorite:

“You see Spanx in trash cans after awards shows. Actresses rip them off after they walk the red carpet.”

It’s a lot of work to be red carpet perfect. Happily, at least those who aren’t appearing on-stage may have the option of getting comfortable before show time.

Comfort is a luxury. I suspect that more than a few pairs of strappy sandals are kicked off too, once the celebrities reach their seats — at least for the duration of the show.