How Not to Wear a Diamond Necklace

While it’s the bustline darts on Anne Hathaway’s Oscar gown that have garnered the lion’s share of negative attention, her choice of jewelry for the Academy Awards is equally puzzling.

Hathaway wore a pink Prada apron-style gown, Asian in its design influence, accessorized with over $300,000 worth of platinum and diamond jewels from Tiffany & Co. The stud earrings were stunning in size if uninspired in design, and the pair of bracelets were exquisite. The necklace, however, is inexplicable.

The necklace consists of elaborate alternating floral motifs that had nothing in common with the sleek linear design of the pink gown or Hathaway’s sporty hairstyle – from a style perspective, a mismatch. But far worse is that the necklace was too long for the square neckline of the gown. The necklace was tied or otherwise rigged in back to pull it higher in front so that the necklace didn’t fall over the neckline of the gown. The result was a miniature ponytail loop of diamonds created from the stump of the necklace at the back of Hathaway’s neck, adding fussiness to what was otherwise the stunning sleek design of the back of the dress.

It is curious that Tiffany & Co. didn’t have a jeweler on hand who could have taken out some of the necklace links to allow the necklace to fit properly or better yet, provided jewelry designs that better matched the style of the gown.

Hathaway has been reported in the press to receive a substantial sum of money to wear Tiffany  & Co.’s jewelry designs when she co-hosted the Oscars in 2011.  None of that jewelry was memorable. The Tiffany & Co. jewelry selected for her to wear in 2013 has been worse than disappointing. It might be time for her to engage an objective stylist who doesn’t have a vested interest in her choice of jewelry. . . . and who also can recognize a red carpet gown likely to land her on the worst dressed list.

White Plus Red Equals Chic

Angelina Jolie pictured above right, from the 1/30/12 issue of People magazine

Borrow the look from Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Golden Globes. She wore a column of champagne-colored satin accented with a sliver of red near her face, and accessorizing her look with a red clutch, red lipstick, and perfect posture. Her look was pure drama and sheer perfection.


Or look for inspiration from this ad featuring Anne Hathaway for Tod’s, and wear head-to-toe white accessorized with red. Combine a red bag with a red scarf, belt or shoes, or any of those accessories plus some noticeably red-accented jewelry or bright red lips or nails.

Three uses of the accent color is ideal under classic design theory; two is fine. Be sure to wear more than one pop of red, however, so that the viewer’s eye takes in your whole look and doesn’t just land and linger on one spot.