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Hello!  I’m Cynthia Sliwa, the author of this blog at TrulyBecoming.com. I’m pleased to welcome you and hope that you find my posts thought-provoking, informative and entertaining. Relax, enjoy, and add your comments or questions when you are inspired to do so. I look forward to our conversations about fashion and style.

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By nature I’m a perpetual student, always eager to learn, and in awe of individuals who have the talent and perseverance to create. I’m highly visual and decided, after many years in the left-brain world practicing law, to focus on the right-brain topics that move me and stir my soul. Along the way, I’ve read more articles and blog posts than I can count plus thousands of fashion magazines and style books cover to cover. I’ve also taken all manner of business-related classes, become a certified professional image consultant, designed and launched a line of fine jewelry, and discovered my passion for writing.

I was the author of the “Jewelry Fashion File” blog on the web site of the jewelry industry publication JCK Magazine at www.jckonline.com, where, twice a week for over five years, I shared my observations on jewelry trends and styling with people both within and outside the jewelry industry. My own jewelry blog at www.TrulyJewelry.com launched in late 2013. In 2007, I co-authored the book Jewelry Savvy: What Every Jewelry Wearer Should Know. I have conducted a variety of workshops on jewelry, image, and plus-size style and served as contributing editor for a newsletter on plus-size fashion. I’m available in the greater Los Angeles area for one-on-one consultations on color, style, jewelry and wardrobe management, to help individuals refine their personal and professional image. My image consulting web site is www.theimagecounselor.com, where you can learn more about what I can do for you. You’ll also find a more detailed bio.

This blog came about as a result of my personal quest to find a way to make life easier and more beautiful for women whose age or size precludes them from finding much guidance from the currently recognized style-makers.

And so, at its essence, this blog is only peripherally about me. It’s really about you and helping you meet your fashion needs. Please join in the conversation and enjoy Truly Becoming.


And now a word about our (future) sponsors:

TrulyBecoming.com is available for sponsorship and advertising from brands that will be of interest to the over-40 readers of this blog. Please email me for information on how we might share your message with my readers.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Delighted to make your virtual acquaintance, Bella! I’ll be following your blog and delving into the wonderful blogroll you’ve developed. Thanks so much! Cynthia

  2. Hello Cynthia! My name is Bella and I’m a +40 blogger who is excited about connecting with a growing base of other +40 bloggers. I’ve been nursing a growing blogroll now for a few years and just added you it. I “discovered” you because a friend of yours posting this link on a comment section of another 50 something blog. I am glad to make your virtual acquaintance. -Bella Q

  3. Hi Cynthia,
    So glad I found you! I’m a blogger, stylist and model for Ulla Popken, we do plus size fashion for 40+ women. Please check us out – I’d love to collaborate with you. Our motto: Feeling beautiful is empowering!

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