Reptile Rings Are Rarely Right

Women’s hands tell a lot about their age – in some cases, much more than faces or figures. The hands are far too often neglected when it comes to sunscreen, and veins and a crepe-like texture, along with wrinkles, mark the march of time.  Even the smoothest, loveliest hands have little collections of wrinkles at the mid-finger knuckles. This is just a normal part of human physiology.

Perhaps then rings that mimic the texture of reptile skin and that extend all the way up to that little mid-finger collection of wrinkles should be viewed as a celebration of human design. Sadly, it’s mostly a reminder of one’s wrinkles.

How surprising, then, that the February 2013 issue of Vogue highlights a set of three reptile-inspired rings by a certain London designer. Vogue poses the three rings in front of a taxidermy lizard to further emphasize the markings on the textured rings, but photographing any of the rings on a human hand would have created almost the same effect.

Unless your skin is as smooth as silk, or unless you get a kick out of highlighting your wrinkles, let these reptile rings slither on by.