Dear Readers,

I started this blog as a commentary on authentic style for women over 40. As I wrote in one of my original posts, the blog came about as a result of my personal quest to find a way to make life easier and more beautiful for women whose age or size precludes them from finding much guidance from the currently recognized style-makers.

The world has changed since my first posts in 2012. Most recently, the coronavirus has affected the fashion industry in profound ways. Comfort and casual clothes are increasingly the norm, even in the most traditional professional environments. It is more and more difficult to find role models of elegance and refinement spotlighted in the fashion press.

In addition, I myself am now officially retired. And so it is time for me to retire this blog as well. You can continue to find me from time to time on social media. I can assist with image consulting consultations remotely and am available to take on special writing projects.

I encourage you all to live your best and most beautiful lives. Thank you for the opportunity to share my perspective with you.

With kind regards,


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