The Practical Versus the Editorial

It’s intriguing to see a quirky styling for the first time, and then to see it repeated by additional stylists, becoming a mini-trend of sorts in the world of fashion.

Sometimes the styling is borne of necessity in order to display clearly all the items being promoted. It does no good, for example, to have the model wearing a stunning cuff or stylish wristwatch that gets covered up by a long sleeve. The result:  stylings showing the bracelet or timepiece worn over the sleeve.

over sleeve 1014 HB pantsuit turtleneck cuff necklace REV

The October 2014 issue of Harper’s Bazaar pictures a model wearing a pantsuit (a trend on the upswing) with a turtleneck sweater. Along with a necklace, she wears a cuff bracelet over her sweater sleeve with the jacket sleeve pushed up.

over sleeve 914 LA Magazine ad Chanel watch Saint laurent outfit REV

The September 2014 issue of Los Angeles Magazine pictures a model in a Saint Laurent blouse and blazer, with a Chanel watch worn over the jacket sleeve.

This styling trick actually has a practical side as well:  when it’s brisk, or downright cold, outside, or in the environment in which you find yourself, protecting the skin of your arm from cold metal might be much appreciated.

over coat necklace 0714 Glamour REV

Trickier is a necklace styled over a coat, as pictured here in the July 2014 issue of  Glamour. It looks interesting, hair in and half out but the wearer must remember that the necklace is on when she takes off her coat so that the necklace isn’t flung aside and damaged in the process.

Other styling trends have little or no practical purpose, however. One example that is seemingly ubiquitous in the fashion press this season is the style of tucking long hair into a sweater or scarf, no matter that the hair might tickle or feel hot against the neck.

hair tuck 0514 Allure laissez hair REV

The trend was reported in the May 2014 issue of Allure, which featured several photos from the fall 2014 runway shows of Anthony Vaccarello, Nina Ricci, and Sacai. Calling the style “Laissez-Hair,” Allure notes: “You’re probably already familiar with the coolest hairstyle of the moment:  you just don’t know it’s a style. Haristylists tucked the hair inside turtlenecks, scarves, and popped-up coat collars, creating a relaxed style that looked accidental.” Allure explains the appeal of the style:  “The result has all the benefits of a bob–it hugs the jaw, lifts the cheekbones, and makes fine hair look fuller–without the commitment.” Vaccarello wants to convey the look of “a realistic carelessness.”

hair tuck 0814 Glamour small article REV

The August 2014 issue of Glamour reports that the hair tuck “is  now an actual hairstyle, as seen at Tory Burch, . . . Burberry Prorsum, and Calvin Klein Collection” and notes that high-collared tops and coats are necessary to make the look work. The scarf as an option appears a bit later in the fashion press.

hair tuck 1214 Elle REV

The December 2014 issue of Elle pictures this look, featuring brownish lipstick and hair tucked into a turtleneck sweater. Elle notes: “Like a visible bra strap, sexily tucked hair should be a happy accident. So bundle up and let your hair runneth over.”

hair tuck 1014 MC pantless REV

The October 2014 issue of Marie Claire features a model who forgot her pants (wearing a top as a very short dress with bare legs), but somehow managed to wrap a scarf around her hair, presumably so she wouldn’t feel cold.

hair tuck InStyle Your Look 2014 recd Aug 2014 REV

“Boost Your Street-Style Cred” suggests InStyle Your Look 2014, issued this autumn:  “Tuck the Tresses.” Two varieties of the style are pictured.  The first is simply an extra-long scarf looped around the hair — a style that requires a fairly long neck to carry off. The article continues: “To look even more carelessly chic, pull a funnel-neck top over your locks. Leave a few tendrils lose to avoid appearing too contrived.”

It looks as though the models didn’t finish getting their look pulled together. Contrived?  Happy accident?  Either way, this trend won’t outlast the winter.