How Not to Look Slimmer in Seconds

In the waiting room of a professional building, I came across a copy of the July/August 2013 issue of Weight Watchers magazine and, as always, was interested to ascertain what fashion advice is being dispensed. Weight Watchers magazine is targeted, of course, to those who are or have been, or potentially may come to be, on the Weight Watchers weight loss program and to others who are interested in achieving and maintaining a healthy, fit lifestyle.










The magazine dispenses style advice too, in this particular issue promoting white jeans as a staple of summer chic, no matter that they can be uncomfortably warm to wear in the heat and impractical to keep clean. There are two ensembles pictured on the page, close-ups of which are shown above.

In the more colorful ensemble, the model wears skinny white jeans that fit closely against her legs with a bright red shirt over a camisole (again, not the coolest choice for hot weather).

In the second photo, the model wears slightly tapered pants that skim over her legs, and pairs the jeans with a soft print top in tone-on-tone colors of beige and white.

About the second photo, Weight Watchers labels it “bland” and tells readers: “Loose-fitting jeans look sloppy, and the pale top is barely distinguishable from the bottoms–a real washout!”

Weight Watchers advises readers that the bright top plus white jeans makes the wearer look slimmer in seconds. The magazine comments that the vivid-hued top draws the eye upward “and away from any problem areas.” In fact, the bright red shirt cuts across the model’s midsection and hides her waist. Her pose hides the additional visual width caused by the horizontal differentiation between white and red.

In contrast, the tone-on-tone dressing features jeans that skim over the model’s body rather than clinging along the legs, and provides a long vertical line from neck to ankle. There is no horizontal line to emphasize the width of any “problem areas.”

It is worth noting, too, that the model pictured is tall and statuesque. If she were short or carried significantly more weight on her frame, the misguided nature of the advice would be even more apparent.

Punch up the tone-on-tone look with jewelry, as seen with the red and white ensemble, if  you like more color or pizzazz. Shorten the sleeves to three-quarters length to make the look lighter and to bring the emphasis up toward the waist. Ditch the red shoes, which simply draw attention down to your feet. Don’t confuse an elegant long line with blandness. Take a second look at this misguided advice on how to look slimmer in seconds.