Long Sparkly Earrings for Day – Adopt or Adapt the Look?

Long sparkly earrings are a mainstay of evening wear. This season, they are also having a moment in the sun, as fashion editorials suggest readers “Wear them during the day — they’re not just for evening anymore” (April 2012 O the Oprah Magazine); “Put on a pair and expect major fireworks, as even your standby tank top becomes spectacular” (May 2012 InStyle); and “If you buy just one pair of earrings this spring. . . make them long and sparkly” (April 2012 Glamour).

Illustration: Samples of long sparkly earrings featured in the April 2012 issue of Allure.

If you decide to adopt this style, keep in mind that this style of earrings should be worn with a certain amount of attitude. Harper Bazaar‘s take on this look is spot-on: “Shelve those trusty diamond studs in favor of these impossibly sweet but stylishly off-kilter costume drops.” (March 2012 Harper’s Bazaar).

Whether you adopt this style with earrings incorporating real gemstones or the costume jewelry variety, these earrings worn during the day are all essentially a “stylishly off-kilter” costume look. The style is cheeky, sassy, insouciant. The message of these earrings comes through loud and clear.

It is incumbent upon you to decide whether these adjectives applicable to the style describe the image you wish to convey. In certain situations, when you want to approach fashion in a fun and lighthearted way, you may find that long sparkly earrings add just the right flare to an ensemble.

But keep an eye on this fad, and I do think it is merely that. Wearing long sparkly earrings during the daytime after the fashion influencers have moved on to the next big thing will make you look sadly out of date, and rather like a young girl playing with the sparkly things in her mother’s jewelry box.

If you love this festive style of earrings, take heart. They have a place in your jewelry wardrobe. Happily, long sparkly earrings for evening are always appropriate.

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